Eating Disorder Group for Women
This is a fully confidential and private psychotherapy group for women in there 20’s and 30’s, struggling with the symptoms of anorexia bulimia nervosa.  It is  specifically designed for individuals with similar eating disordered emotional and behavioral problems.
The aims of the group include: understanding the meaning of food, understanding fearful feelings around food, body image issues, the sense of self, the role of shame, intimacy and sexuality.These are some of the topics that can help all members by talking in a process group. This approach can substantially help individuals to gain an understanding of the meaning and function of their eating disorder.
The objective of the group is to broaden self experience, gaining insight into specific eating disordered problems, finding ways that assist in integrating relational experiences with themselves and others. Talking with other members in the context of a process group setting, brings opportunities to change and alter ways of relating as conflicts and difficulties become expressed and understood within the safe and confidential therapeutic dynamic of the group process.
I like all prospective members to meet for consultation prior to joining to ensure the best fit between individual and group needs and in accordance with prescribed group criteria. The group runs for one and one-half hour weekly and has no more than eight members.
All questions and inquiries are welcome and responded to in a timely manner.