Approach & Process

Approach & Process

I strive to promote the individuality and generatively of others in a safe environment. Meeting for several consultations is most useful so that you get a sense of the therapy, how I work and how you would feel working together. Fees are discussed in the first meeting.

I work to sustain the process so that the sensitive issues you bring to the therapy can be talked about in as many ways as possible in an environment of safety and without judgment.

People come to see me when they are in pain. The focus is on the process not on the outcome so that emotional difficulties and behavior’s, which I understand as communications, can be understood to the greatest extent possible.

I actively listen to you, to what you say and, no less importantly to what you don’t say. I draw on different therapeutic modalities based on how you cope with problems. I listen to you talk about that which deems a sense of incoherence from your point of view.

The potential for understanding what is most sensitive and painful can begin to be understood when difficulties that emerge are further defined and explored. This alone can be therapeutic. Only when it is safe enough, and this takes careful consideration on my part, does the therapeutic relationship become integral to the therapy. What becomes meaningful is dealt with in the therapy and it is ‘that life’ with all of its complexity that makes it possible to understand yourself in a deeper way.

As a collaborator to your healing my additional role is to protect your identity and guarantee your full confidentiality and all information relating to your treatment.

The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (PDF) – Jonathan Shedler.