About Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Painful and stressful emotional difficulties tend to be developmental in nature. Attempts to push away the intolerable and difficult is sometimes not always, out of consciousness, yet too, may seem un-negotiable keeping the past in the present with feelings of being repetitively stuck. Knowing how your history affects your present self-knowledge and understanding how you cope with difficulties through the lens of a psychodynamic process can bear intelligible insight generating growth for a life time.

For difficulties that have not been remedied by less intense therapies an in-depth approach can glean a deeper awareness through the therapeutic use of the unconscious and the conscious. It is when difficulties are being attuned to and actually heard through this process that emotional pain, when brought to light and relieved, that a psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be successful.

Knowing the type of therapy, you are in is important and well worth knowing about for a good enough fit to sustain what is most meaningful for you.

It does take courage, time, cost and a willingness to seriously heal from emotional problems. Those who have successfully dealt with the difficulties which can be understood through an in-depth psychotherapy have most often described their experience as feeling free with increased overall vitality and well-being.